Assuranty Nationwide

United Kingdom

Established for people who value their appliance investments, Assuranty Nationwide, Ltd remains a force to reckon with in the appliance insurance sector. Assuranty Nationwide was founded in October 2010. Established with a simple goal in mind, Assuranty offers comprehensive cover for a diverse array of domestic household and kitchen appliances. The company is always good news for people who invest thousands into building their home entertainment centers, modern well-appointed domestic or commercial kitchens, and highly advanced domestic laundry centers. Assuranty Nationwide, Ltd has the perfect appliance insurance coverage plan for every application. The company protects against all instances of mechanical and electrical breakdown and even goes the extra mile by protecting the insured appliance against accidental damage.

Assuranty Nationwide, Ltd boasts a staff of highly qualified and technically skilled appliance engineers to serve the appliance repair and replacement needs of numerous customers. The company has provides cover plans from as little as £65 per year, from which clients would benefit from unlimited call outs and speedy repair services. If the Assuranty Nationwide engineers are unable to repair the appliance, the company would arrange a replacement product for the client as soon as possible – at no extra charge. In addition, the customer is not limited to the number of claims that can be made within the policy period. On top of all that, and best of all Assuranty nationwide places no restriction on the age of the appliance, which is more than what high-end appliance insurance providers can say about their coverage.

For clients who have more than one appliance they’d like to cover with Assuranty, great multi-discount benefits are in store. Assuranty Nationwide covers up to 4 appliances from only £135, an impressive rate that is less than £34 per appliance, per year, or over a 50% discount. Awesome, isn’t it? Assuranty Nationwide customers can also choose to pay either quarterly or annually, for greater flexibility.