Desiree Astacio


If you haven't noticed the large writing on the top of this page, my name is Desiree Astacio. I've lived in the crazy weathered city of Chicago my entire life and have taken small adventures to different states and the motherland-- Puerto Rico (my back ground is a picture of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico). I am a very adventurist person and enjoy taking risks. Risks accompany accomplishments in life. Unless, of course, the end result of your risk taking is as crazy as flying off an air plane without a parachute. List out the end results and if safe to proceed, take it while the opportunity is still there.

I am a mid twenty something and married young lady. I enjoy every bit of my husband-- except all the chores that follow behind him. But, hey... if thats the craziest of my married life, I will glady embrace those chores. Since being married in 2013, he has taught me so much about my character and continues to do so. He has built administrative skills in me, as well as great work ethics (as he trots off every morning to his long, stressful personal banking position, in which he has endured painfully for many years and 'contentfully' puts up with). He has taught me to be satisfied in the place I'm in now but never give up striving for what I want most. He is my inspiration and wonderful example.

I enjoy event planning and administrative work. At my previous job, I juggled many hats in which included: administrative work for the CEO (scheduling, phone calls, and travel coordinating), data entry and book keeping, inventory, shipping and recieving, customer and employee services, event planning and coordinating, marketing and advertising (as well as social media), and graphic making. Ok, you can breath now. I know-- thats a lot. The business was very small and corporate consisted of about fifteen people. Some people had to juggle around serval hats. I accomplished my work by prioritizing according to time frames and finshed one thing at a time, never becoming overwhelmed by the never ending tasks on my poor sticky note pads. My greatest work asset is completing my work with excellence. I enjoy having a perfect, if not very close, end result. After all, my name is on that work, it should defend me well without any word coming from my mouth. This is the way I enjoy working and I think this alone says a lot about the type of person I am.

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