Small Business Owner in Bellevue, Washington

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My name is Astara, the new owner of Emerald Spiral Events. For those that don't know me. I have been working in the community, publishing and organizing events since 1997. I started a magazine called The Spiral Journey that had a 40,000 reader distribution and was published for six years. I also organized three day expos; Awakening Spirit and Healing Spirit in Everett. I've worked with many authors, putting on workshops and seminars. Also I owned Friends, Philosophy & Tea, a Tea House and Event Center in Bellevue for three years. I was approached to take over the Emerald Spiral, my first reaction was, this would be fun! So here I am looking to expand my events and to solicit your support for the 2016 Spring Expo! Would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me. If you are a vendor, you can find our vendor application at our website; Emerald Spiral dot com. Our next expo is scheduled for the last Saturday in March 2016.