Ahmad S Mansoor


Aspiring filmmaker, photographer and writer

Filmmaking has been a hobby since a young age; when I was about 7 years old, I always used to chase my mother for the camera on family events and always ended up having shaken footage. Now that I've grown up, I have decided to perfect filmmaking by studying and hope one day to create epic films.

Photography is just something thats necessary for any activity, whether its behind the scenes of a film or a family trip. In most of my family photos, there is always one person missing; me. Mainly because Im the only one who knows how to take good photos. No thats not my arrogance, its my belief.

Writing is one of the things that require extreme serenity and a good environment. I have developed an interest in writing when I realised that I need a team to make films, but for writing I dont. Now I try to create stories related to pretty much anything so that one day when I try to film them, they are all planned.

The username by the way, says 'A Star Prince', which was a name that I chose when I was young, which doesn't make much sense, but you know....

  • Education
    • Ashcroft Technology Academy