Jehnie Johnsun

Occult Minister, Sandwich Artist, and Mother in South Dakota

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I am Jehnie Johnsun from the Heart of the Hills of South Dakota. I also consider Los Angeles, California to be home. I miss Santa Monica, Venice and Santa Clarita.

I'll am now The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything this year since I am 42! 😄

Seeking a way to earn a living that suits my eclectic personality. Particularly interested in work I can do from a laptop, perhaps with writing.

My personality is somewhat star-like, as I radiate outward in all directions, seeking knowledge in all directions, reaching out in all directions for kinship and shining my light in all directions.

Thus, it should be no surprise that my interests and skills are equally diverse and varied, as my desire for knowledge radiated outward in all directions as well...

I Am A True Geek, Gisher, Occult MInister, Rapscallion, Genealogist, Angelic Entity, Singer, Poet, Artist, Bartender, Time Lady, Sandwich Artist, Asetian Vampire, Photographer, Computer Freak, Introvert, New Ager, Quantum Jumper, Reiki Master, Energy Worker, Devil's Advocate, Lucifer's Nun, Editor, Future Filmmaker, Daughter, Sister, Friend, and Mom of an Awesome Daughter & Seeker of Truth, Wonder, Magic, Love, Beauty & The Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything (42).

I sing and write poetry and songs. You can find my music if you search for Astartiel's Dream. Or find me on Twitter as Astartiel! And pretty much all over the web!

I often fantasize about being an actor on my favorite tv shows, especially ones like TVD, True Blood, Supernatural or Lucifer. Want to hire me?

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    • Subway
  • Education
    • Mankato State University, Minnesota