Aneta Stejzygier

Writer and Teacher in Polska

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Hello, I live in Poland. Used to live in Clifton, East Rutherford and some other more or less colorful places in northern Jersey where I had left 10 years of my life. What I brought in return is my beautiful daughter and excellent English skills. Because of her I got a degree in Early Childhood Education, because of the skills I teach English now. To both children and adults, and I love it. What else I love is to write and to translate, and to explore and understand cultures foreign to me such as the culture of the Middle East, their mentality, religion and mindset. What I miss the most about the States is their tremendous diversity of cultures, languages, and ethnicities, I miss watching Manhattan over Hudson River at dusk, and the taste of shrimp cocktail in an Applebee's... What I gained by moving back to Poland is my childhood friends and love of my family. But my soul is still there...

  • Work
    • Teacher, Translator, Journalist
  • Education
    • Silesian University, Poland, Kaplan University, USA