Asti Altenritter


Asti Altenritter here, hailing from Colorado but currently residing in East Los Angeles and loving every minute of it! I enjoy playing tennis, reading, creating tape sculpture, practicing my Spanish and exploring the city. I would love to use my degree in Global Studies to travel and experience life and culture with people around the world.

I have a heart for hearing life stories and personal perspectives. Not only does this expand my personal worldview and deepen my relationships but I believe it is a real and underappreciated method of education. We all have something to offer and when we share those stories we have the opportunity to improve our situations and learn from each other.

I am also passionate about the elderly. Through personal experience I have discovered that they are often mistreated despite their value and what they have to offer society. I hope to one day initiate a season of tangible change and growth for this demographic.