Asti Infotech

GPS tracking system in Bengaluru, India

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Being a leading product based company Asti Infotech is offering customizable business solutions based on GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC technologies. The availability as the mobile app makes them user-friendly and handy. The top-rated expertise solutions delivered by us are Trackom- School bus tracking and smart communication solution for schools; Imprint- sales force management solution, Asti Fleet Management for providing safe transportation to employees.

Our customizable solutions are keen towards meeting the diverse requirements of populous business industries like transportation, education, insurance, retail, banking etc. The main of our dedicated team of professionals is to create satisfied clients. Client satisfaction is our first priority and we always try our 110% to ensure that our clients get the most benefits from our solutions. We always welcome and encourage new ideas. Commitment towards the innovation is our logic.