Astitv Nagpal

Student in New Delhi, India

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I was born in New Delhi, India. I am 19 years old. I spent my first 16 years in New Delhi itself. After that i went for my college in Tamil Nadu at the age of 17.

I am pursuing my B.Tech. in CSE from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

Currently I am in my 3rd year.

General Stuff:

I am a good listener.

When it comes to decision making and stuff I don't get easily swayed away by other's thoughts. I first analyse the situation myself and then jump to a conclusion.

I can sometimes be very very Lazy. To the extent that i missed my Final Exams of my second year just cuz i wanted to sleep a little more :p

But when it comes to Work i am sincere and full of dedication. I just love my work whatsoever.

Learning human nature is something i like doing. Nature of every human being is so unpredictable and diverse; studying, how different persons respond under various circumstances, is what i really love.

Last but not the least I love spending time with my family. The are my backbone and whatever I am today I owe it to them...

Interests & Hobbies:

I love Computer Programming and Problem Solving.

I like Sports in general particularly playing Badminton. I have played at the national level.

I just love eating outside :p

I like travelling. I have been going to different camps and trips since i was 10 years old. I just love Adventure...


I hope to become a successful Software Developer at a reputed company.

Well my dream company being Qualcomm. I would like to see myself working there in the near future :D

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