astraea 💛

Musician in the United States

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Hello! My name is Astraea!

(pronounced like ah•stray•uh)


🌻About Me🌻

✧Astraea (but you can call me Hana, or anything you'd like!)

✧any pronouns!

✧16 years old

✧Ravenclaw, Team Instinct, Leo

✧I love reading! I have many book recommendations if you would like to know them!

✧I love lani! (@fea.maribelle)💕



✧ Hanamaru Kunikida (love live! sunshine!!)

✧ Sayuri Hanayori (Owari no seraph)


✧ Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

✧ Lissa (Fire Emblem)

✧ Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series)


🌻Other Info🌻

✧I wouldn't normaly tell people this, but I feel comfortable here, and It would also explain some of my actions! I have AVPD, and it makes it very difficult for me to talk to people! I'm sorry if that will hinder our relationship if we do become friends, But please know that my intentions are always good, and I'm very sorry!


💕Dm me your favorite emoji to be accepted, unless I req first!