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alright let’s Get Some Shit Straight.

It’s very likely that we WILL and CAN get along! If I like you, I like you a lot and I will always gush over you. I really am a good friend. I’m not manipulative, I’ll always listen to you, and you can trust me. I never lie. But if I don’t like you:

I hate you. :) And you WILL know that I hate you! Get a hint!

Some people seem to have a problem understanding this! No, we can’t make amends UNLESS I deem myself problematic, in which case I will humbly apologize.

That being said, I don’t need anyone telling me what is and isn’t acceptable. I am fully capable of comprehending other’s morals and what is considered socially right. I am also fully capable of not following those rules!I am not above physically harming people who break my code of conduct. There aren’t very many rules, but if you DO fuck with me, I don’t care anymore.

-Don’t hurt animals

-Never hurt a child

-Sexual assault. ESPECIALLY unto a child.

These are not opinions. Don’t interact with me if you disagree with these.

-HaHaHa if you think that pedophiles deserve ‘equal treatment’ or ‘medical help'

-Self Diagnosis is a big nono!!!

-That you should be able to get away with generally anything simply because you are ‘mentally ill’. -OBV if you’re ablest, homophobic, or racist, etc

– if you won’t acknowledge me as a POC. I’m MOSTLY Native!! There are a few things mixed in but I don’t consider myself biracial. THAT BEING SAID I am aware that I hold many privileges over many other POC’s!! But please acknowledge the suffering of my people!!

These are things that could get you on my 'no’ list, but they aren’t usually going to induce violence

-Use of the word 'retarded’, especially if it’s directed towards me. No, you can’t reclaim this slur. It’s haunted too many people and many different sorts of people. -Mental illness and Trans Headcanons. I CAN USUALLY DEAL WITH THIS but please tag them because they bother me

.-If ur gonna call urself 'actually Native’ but ur like less that 40% lol-If you’re Sofie or Allison

Please don’t tease me or abandon me. I don’t ask for attention, but if I like and trust you, please please PLEASE don’t abandon me without telling me why.

it/its pronouns oh my god

ALWAYS EDUCATE ME unless it’s having to to with one of the things listed lmao I don’t need to be educated on that shit.

….THERE ARE Acceptations to some of the things I’ve listed. We can always talk it over. Please approach me with a calm demeanor if you want to have an actual conversation.