priya k

Student in Boston, Massachusetts

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heyo i'm priya i'm 16 and first of all i love girls and second of all i'm shitty at writing bios and third of all i'm a senior in hs

i hate being of those ppl that lists all their identities in their instagram bios but i'm ace and panromantic & go by she/her

tag me in ur posts about caroline dhavernas so i can comment me screaming

plz don't request if u:

use f***t or gay as insults

make fun of / don't believe in asexuality

shit on otherkin esp as a coping mechanism i just hate reading this

are uncomfortable w cursing. this is for ur benefit i have no filter

don't believe in pansexuality (it's happened)

joke about suicide relentlessly (i mean like . every post . i say shit like i want 2 die sometimes but not /every/ post)

self-identify as a superwholock

shit on autism

think girls not shaving is gross