Online marketing executive

Maybe a little bit eccentric & passionate

Inquisitive & knowledge gannet

Impertinent humour

Admirer of the unconventional

Muso & rock chick

Book worm

Gamer (modern, retro & indie)


Passionate about the arts

Ex-performing arts student

Ex-comic book digital inker/flatter (mainly Image & Marvel titles)

Mega Michael Jackson & Kerry Ellis fan

Loyal friend

Internet addict

Chaser of storms

Spouts philosophical babel on a regular basis

Supporter of several charitable/good causes
(Especially pertaining to mental health, animal welfare & environmental issues)

Sings a lot (to the dismay of neighbours)

Photoshop fiend

Animal lover (not like 'that', you sicko)

Coffee & peppermint tea drinker

Converse, Dr. Martens & New Rock lover

Jared Leto is my imaginary Husband

Occasional blogger

Theme park junkie

Sports of the extreme kind FTW (Snowboarding, mountain biking ... Yadda)

...Did I mention my favourite colour is purple?