*+: for the birds :+*

*+: for the birds :+*

Hello I'm Aster/Velius (u can call me whichever u like best! I also love getting nicknames tbh...) and I love birds and rhythm games!! I'm a demiboy and my pronouns are he/they! I'm a minor but I'm ok w people over 18 following me!

I have Identity issues and the characters/things I identify with are on my tumblr id page! I don't mind sharing mains as long as we've both OK'd it with each other! I'm neurodivergent so pls tell me if anything i do upsets u!

I try to be rlly friendly so I type in caps and use exclamation points a lot so I'm rlly sorry if a lot of caps upset u! I am just very excited all the time. Please tag unreality (ie: 'this isn't real' 'this is all a dream' etc) and drowning! thank you!

I really love birds so if you wanna be my friend you can just send me birds and I will Love It

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+ PS I really love talking about my ocs especially the little purple demon aka my icon (Velius)! Hmu if you wanna talk!

.・゜゜・♚ have a nice day! ♚・゜゜・.