Astreem Consulting

Are you in search of Singapore based franchise firms to help you franchise your business? Astreem Consulting might just be the solution that you are looking for. It offers a wide range of services for business owners who want franchise their brands and for the people who are looking at buying a franchise for themselves as an investment.

Company Overview:-

Astreem Consulting is a Singapore based franchise marketing, franchise consulting and franchise brokering firm. Since its inception in 2005, Astreem Consulting has been helping businesses to develop their brands locally and internationally through franchising. With a strong and extensive presence in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa and North America, Astreem Consulting facilitates brands to expand and assimilate into new markets with ease. Through its exceptional expertise and industry insights, it has a proven track record of providing quantifiable results and increasing the overall profit value of their clients.

Astreem Consulting also enables potential franchisees to buy the right franchises that match with what they are looking for. It offers franchises in the following verticals as investment options:

• Education franchise opportunities

• Food & beverage franchise opportunities

• Retail franchise opportunities

• Services franchise opportunities