S. Astrid Bin

Artist in London, United Kingdom

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If I say I'm an artist, designers don't take me seriously. If I say I'm a designer, artists don't take me seriously. If I say I'm an academic, no one takes me seriously. This is okay with me, because I think everything needs to be taken a little less seriously.

I make beautiful things you can experience, look at, read, and listen to, by yourself and with others. These things range from installations, music, and performances to video games, electronic hardware and screen-based interfaces. I use low-tech and high-tech in equal amounts.

My PhD research aims to better understand the role of error, risk and the moment of fiasco in electronic music performance. Other research areas I'm interested in include, but are not limited to: electronic instrument interfaces, new methods of narrative delivery, new uses for games, the role that fun has to play in interfaces, how interactive installations can be made more compelling, machine-made graphic notation, and re-imagining the music listening experience.

I'm based in London, UK. I talk about and exhibit my work internationally, and am intermittently available for contracts, consultancy, collaborations, commissions, and experiments, and I am always available for shenanigans. Contact me.

  • Education
    • PhD, Media & Art Technology, Queen Mary University of London
    • MA, Art In Public, University of Ulster, Belfast
    • AOCAD (Hons), Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada