Astrid Bográn

New Orleans, louisiana

I am a computer Engineer and I have a passion in this area, what I feel is mostly identified is in data mining, I love working with data and discover new trends, prediction of new features etc. . Between the algorithms used that I have had very good results some of they are: The k-means algorithm, Support vector machines, The Apriori algorithm, The EM algorithm, PageRank, kNN: k-nearest neighbor classification, Naive Bayes. I used the programming language C # with Visual Studio Knowing all environments since 2005, 2008, 2010 now I am getting familiar with 2012. Regarding my scientific basis to work in the field of data mining has opened a futuristic vision where we should walk in the scientific world.

Among my academic achievements that described my enthusiasm and commitment, have led me to get some titles and honors, is how my latest achievement speaks of it; I won a scholarship to study my master degree in Intelligent Systems, in one of the four oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, University of Salamanca, Spain. This master includes a variety of topics such as neural networks, speech processing, robotics, data mining, evolutionary computation, etc.. This is where my journey begins in the research also opens to the specialization field.

During my research process I have designed the following tools (will be published in the next few days) to allow the access for this tool is required prior approval at or This tool uses a data mining algorithm, and the information retrieval, is related with lexical analysis of the tweets of twitter, is a web application that connects to twitter through their API 1.1 can make their ratings tweets as those of others who have their public accounts, the study I have done with this tool we can see in the following link(will be published in the next few days) which has an article detailing and explaining the procedures to be followed.

My work experience is based on software quality control where I worked from 2007 until 2011 in the Executive Office of Revenue (DEI) Located in Honduras as a part of government institution focused in tax collection and customs from the country. during my time in the technology department of this institution, allowed me to meet many new systems and implement successfully doing more extensive testing on each of them, also making the necessary corrections on the source code that required a correction shortly.

  • Education
    • University of Salamanca, Master Degree: Intelligent Systems
    • Technological University of Honduras, Bachelor: Computer Engineer