Writer, content producer, and Yoga teacher in Cologne, Germany

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Transylvanian Nomad x Editor × Visual Artist x M.A.Screenwriter x Storyteller: Co-writer of action adventure Bikeathon (2016) x Author of 'You Don't Know Me' (out 2017) x Hatha Yoga teacher/Pilates

x Lived, Trained or Worked in COLOGNE x L.A. x LONDON x BEIJING x CAPE TOWN x BERLIN former Electro DJ& VJ/Visual Designer x Wushu Artist x Content Producer x Journalist x NatureLover x Ted addict x Dog person x Currently residing in the country side mingling with cows & sheep

  • Education
    • University of the Arts
    • University of East London
    • Mibeg Cologne
    • Tower Hamlets College