Consultant, Volunteer, and Small Business Owner in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

Supporter: Change facilitator, Consulting and Co-Active Coaching Thomessen Communications – for effective collaboration and global communication

„Spice up your business with Diversity“

Like spices in the kitchen: the interaction of diverse cultures in a business context should spice up your business rather than make it entirely unpalatable. Succeeding in a global environment, certainly depends on the cross-cultural competency of your specialists and senior managers. To achieve ground-breaking solutions, leaders should transfer complexity into a clear and simple connection to their specific business strategy and goals. Dealing with change facilitation is why I enjoy supporting small, medium-sized and partly large enterprises in their expansion into international markets - making them fit in living diversity as a benefit and business opportunity rather than a threat. As an experienced supporter, change-facilitator, I am consulting, coaching and leading others in fun and worthwile adventures towards an open minded and values-oriented business culture. I am also an effective agent for political change - tackling the blazing challenges for cities and municipalities with migration and refugee influx to Germany in collaboration with various partners. So I have my ear to the ground, creating value through the right relationships, timing, ability to prioritize and bringing the right people together.

Spice up your life and gain energy

Since I have been a child, people from different cultural backgrounds are fascinating me. Collaborating with multicultural teams is simply enhancing me. While others feel bugged or irritated, I see opportunities and feel inspired by learning new ways of behavioral patterns, communication styles, authentic leadership and listening skills. Therefore, I love energizing people by giving them the confidence they need to succeed - adding spices necessary to give a global feast as the final touch. In my past, I was a head of communications, spokesperson, CSR-Manager, PR Consultant for international companies and political and economic specialist for American diplomats.