Astrini Mustikasari

Software Engineer, Writer, and Volunteer in Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Astrini Mustikasari

Software Engineer, Writer, and Volunteer in Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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Good Day, People!

Thank you for visiting this page.

I am Astrin, by the way. Nice to greet you.

Let me tell you a little tiny detail about me.

As Telematics graduate, I have some experiences of computer programming, such as for desktop application or web application, and also a few knowledge about telecommunication technology. My courses in CCIT-FTUI also support me to be a programmer, especially for Microsoft platform.

Actually, right now I am on my way to get my bachelor degree on Telecommunication Engineering. Why should I do that? Because one of the conditions to fulfill my dream is being a bachelor graduate first. Then I could continue the next step and get a little closer to my dream. yay!

I once worked as IT Programmer, to built the CRM web application. That was new for me, because I had to learn new thing. My experience in web construction is not much, but I always ready to learn more.

For some reason, I like working in a team. And I’m sort of have a concern on details. In order to achieve the goal perfectly and smoothly, I do pay an attention to details. Experience told me that detail is important in some ways. And instead of arguing with other people, I choose to prepare several backup plans. Well, at least if plan A doesn’t work, I still have plan B to Z.

After all, I really enjoy working either in a team or by myself. Working with a team for me is like having another point of view for issues, which for me, is a great thing. And working alone is like 'that's my time to analyse the issue deeper and my chance to looking for another option I have that could solve the issue'. Because sometimes while I am working by myself, I got a clear mind to think.

I have a great interest in reading. I enjoy reading fiction, especially fantasy. In fact, I love To Kill A Mocking Bird novel by Harper Lee, Bartimaeus series by Jonathan Stroud and Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling. With fantasy I can explore imagination, makes me more open-minded and objective to see through everything. And with fiction, I could be more reliable and logic while deciding something.

Feel free to befriend with me, fellas. :)

with the warmest regards,
Astrini Mustikasari