Astro Kathmandu

Traditional vedic astrology & spiritual services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Astro Kathmandu is a leading Vedic Hindu Spiritual service provider in Kathmandu, Nepal. Anil Chalise and his team of priests have been serving spiritually for generations to seekers worldwide.

Consultation with Astro Kathmandu is a divine experience in the life. Our each and every Consultations can be done by meeting online, by telephone or in-person. It is not necessary to be present for the consultation .We consult ass the topics that comes in the life like birth, Health, Job, Career, Business, Gems stone, Education , Migration, Marriage and many more…..

We pride ourselves on our elevated service standards and unequaled reputation for courtesy, privacy, and results.

Whether it’s your horoscope, a blessing, a match making chart reading, homa, or puja, you will receive the same respectful service from our team at every stage in your spiritual process.

Service Benefits

Our spiritual services can provide you with benefits which can:

* Release you from undue suffering

* Bring good fortune or abundance

* Heal your ailments

* Match you properly for marriage

* Give you guidance for business

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

* Blessings


* Puja/Homa

* Business/CORPORATE consultations

* Home stay with spiritual pilgrimage

* Wedding packages

Travel Packages

In addition to our variety of services available worldwide, we also offer Spiritual pilgrimage packages in Nepal, India and Tibet. Here, you will experience:

* The many temples & spiritual centers

* Priest will personally teach you puja

* Guided tour of the Nepal

* Blessings, and chart readings

* Homa/Puja in Himalayas. The home of Lord Shiva.

Please send the list of questions and birth details to make your reading more useful.

Email :

whatsapp/viber : +977 984 155 3257

Skype : astro.kathmandu

Payment Options:

Esewa ID : 9841553257 (Nepal)

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Western union

Anil Chalise

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