hI I'm Artemis and I play the stereotypical motherly friend character yes hello

I'm polygender (xe/them pronouns if u use anything else I'll block u lmao!!! unless it's an accident in that case ur good)), panromantic, gynosexual, and lithromantic!! Idk why you'd need to know any of those besides my gender but you're getting them anyway

Aaron is my wonderful boyfriend and I love him a lot!!!! I post about him a lot so if you don't like him then that's ok just be warned that he's my fave

People that are rlly important to me are: Aaron, Fallon, Alec, Ollie, Mae, and Olivia!!!!! You, too, may someday make your way on this list don't worry

Right now I'm really into: Danganronpa, Owari no Seraph, HunterxHunter, Love Live, Princess Tutu, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Madoka Magica, Selector Infected WIXOSS and probably some others that I'm forgetting oops

I ID strongly with: Toriel, Nozomi, Mami Tomoe, Porrim Maryam, Kanaya Maryam, and Lucina so if you have an issue with that then don't follow