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Astron Institute of Social Sciencesis anaccredited organization by International Accreditation Organization (IAQ). We are supported by a team of experts, capable professionals and managerial. Institute is doing its best in delivering excellence in health care. It is quite evident that existing formal education system itself cannot meet the rising demands of trained human resource. We are aiming at providing numerous training modules in the area of communication for enhancing the counseling skills, and social relations. These courses are intended to overcome the limitations or shortcomings of aspiring professionals.

AISS is undertaking educational programs, study, training and assessments of concepts in the area of geriatric care. Under this course, ageing and issues related to ageing are taken into consideration. We are carrying out services to the geriatric population through students, recognizing health problems of assorted nature. We are giving emphasis to the online educational programs for medical, nursing, paramedical staff and specialists. These programs are also keeping in view the availability and convenience of the caregivers. In our attempt towards growing health care delivery we are taking many motivational approaches to maintain links with organizations in private and public sector to evaluate their felt prerequisite for human resource development.