Astrology vedic jyotish in Avantika Colony, India

Astro Pandit Sachin Shukla belongs to a traditional family of astrologer pandits (vedic priest) from village of Bhendi, which is located near by place known as Sangam, the meeting point of three holy rivers - Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati. This sacred land belongs to the region of Allahabad, and is the place of origin of all those great astrologers and pundits known around the world.

Linage originates from Shri Pandit Shatrughan Shukla, who is a great astrologer. We belong to a traditional Brahmin family, and have dedicated our life to serve humanity and mankind and accept this family tradition of astrology as our Dharma.

Pandit Shukla came to start his studieds in Jyotish (vedic astrology) thourgh his uncle, known as Pandit Basuki Nath shukla. Later he studied jyotish in Maharishi Ved Vigyan vidya peth, Allahabad, where he also practiced veda as well as learned Ayurveda. Along with his studies he used to work there as a vedic pundit.

After completing his studies as well as working there, Pandit Sachin Shukla was employed at world renowed cell phone company Vodaphone Inc as a consulting Astrolger for the public relations department. The great asset of Pandit Sachin is in prediction and accuracy of his predictions which were estimated about 80% correct. This is his great specility. Whom he had done the vedic remedies and rituals, they found 100% cure.

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