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Difference between astrology and astronomy

A lot of people assume thatAstrology and Astronomy are same but that is not true. Astrology and Astronomy is totally two completely different things. Nicely Astronomy is clinical but astrology not. Astronomy is based on competent observations and facts while Astrology depends on regular horoscope. Astrology is just not depending on science. This can be a folklore or belief that is definitely giving information about a person's personality about his/her future and attitude. Astrology contains stars analysis on it though it’s not scientifically. On the other side Astronomy is completely scientific discipline it is centred on celestial objects like galaxies, stars and comets and planets. It includes study regarding the development and creation of planets and galaxies, along with other things which might be outdoors in the Earth's ambiance. So if you want to know more about stars and galaxy discover astrophotography. To understand more details on astronomy visit http: //