AstroPilot comes from Siberia, Russian Federation. Behind the name is Dmitry Red’ko. For the past 10 years he has been experimenting with music and sounds. His music is the direct outcome of his true passion for the sonic world and a lot of hard work in the studio. AstroPilot has quickly become a well recognized name in Psychedelic Ambient circles. His music is a reflection, and combines the culture, sights and sounds form his homeland. AstroPilot manages to generate a considerable buzz especially in the local Russian Psychedelic club scene and as a result has been grabbing the attention from some of the bigger names in the industry. When listening to his music, it is sometimes hard to believe that behind his sound there is just a 26 year old lad who loves to express his visions through his music. Dmitry has been listening to The Future Sound of London and The Orb since he was a little boy. He has also been inspired by the writer Vasily Golovachev and alike… AstroPilot is at home in atmospheres. His music sweeps the listener away into a world of imagination and hypnotizes with it’s ethnic spices, rhythms and samples, a higher state of consciousness for the listen, his goal. He is always looking for something new for his performances, in beginning it was more Downtempo Psychedelic trip and now his sets and performances are more dance-able. Including more Ethnic and modern rhythms parts. His first album “Fruits Of The Imagination” was released on Avatar in October 2007. His second album “Solar Walk” was released on Altar Records, Canada in spring 2010 and re-released by Arabesque in December 2010 : Latest release titled “Here and Now” released in November 2010, it is pure mix of progressive trance vibes and ambient atmospheres. AstroPilot has MySpace page at