Angela S

Small Business Owner and Marketing Consultant in Ohio

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Marketing Consultant (freelance as well as agency service provider).Get seriously geeked over media relations of any and all levels including: local, mobile or SoLoMo (social local mobile) to B2B segment-specific horizontals and verticals and everything in-between.Have been told the secret to my successes is my ability to be personable, professional, approachable and flexible with numerous demographic and psychographic groups. The short version? I care and it shows.Love to learn, love to teach, have always had a knack for technology (or at least from the day my father brought home a Commodore64, yes, it's best to leave it at "always", yes?), am equally right and left-brained which seems to have blessed me with a dangerously creative sense of numbers and statistics.

  • Education
    • Kaplan University
    • Stark State College