Astro Space Education

tamil nadu , India

Astro Space Education is astronomy - space based edutainment and infotainment organisation providing education, knowledge and services practically with fun-filled activities in the field of space and astronomy to schools, colleges and other educational institutions.AstroSpace strongly believes in "Education by involvement and innovation, with passion and commitment , expanding all across the segment of society to promote scientific education by all means".Astro Space ensures that there is a continous research being undertaken with regards to being in more value adds for schools, students, teachers and parents as well for their association with us.

Astrospace club:
Astrospace club is specially designed to get more involvement and learning concepts in "young minds" about space and astronomy who have been exposed to futuristic ideas. This is a hobby club for students of schools, colleges and other institutes & centres which give them the basic ideas of astronomy and space. The aim of the AstroSpace is to involve the students in highly stimulative , creative and innovative space programs which is designed to develop,
• Scientific temperament among students and parents.
• Breaking myths with scientific reasoning.
• Learning Astronomy through funfilled activities.
• Enthusiastic and Positive approach in life.
AstroSpace has a clearly defined set of values and these are embedded within all the activities we perform. We are very proud of our values, and our systems are designed to ensure that our standards are compiled with, our schools , colleges and institutes are met with enthusiasm at all times.

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