AstroTimeLines gives you a visual snapshot of the unfoldment of planetary positions and influences over a 14-month period. This allows you to see where the planets will be in relation to your sign and to follow astrological events like retrograde periods and eclipses, thus empowering you to allow your own intuition and investigation to reveal insights and knowledge along the way. AstroTimeLines lay the foundation from which your own exploration begins!

We have designed this chart in such a way that it can be used as a complement to your daily readings of astrology and astrological forecasts. It is intended to be used as a visually informative tool to facilitate and increase your understanding of astrology.


Our mission is to empower the astrologer within everyone.

Keeping track of all planets’ positions, with their various speeds, retrograde motions and transits is a complex task, but possible with the use of an ephemeris. However, keeping awareness of their movements through time is a completely different thing. With AstroTimeLines charts, one can easily perceive all planetary motions on one graphic, keeping track of where and how each planet impacts your personal life over the course of a long period of time. We have called each of these layers “TimeLines”.

This is advanced astrology put into a simplified, visual and intuitive yearly calendar.

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