Asttarte Deva

Teacher, Sex Coach, and Health Coach in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Asttarte is a Spiritual Tantra Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Relationship, Sex and Empowerment Coach and has been offering Tantra teachings for 13 years and teaching Reiki and Meditation since around the year 1997.

She has been published in several books and is the author of several blogs.

Asttarte offers Healing and Coaching to enhance one's mental, emotional and spiritual selves, and improve their lives, health, and love for the self. When you meet with Asttarte you will be met with loving arms, and supported in whatever you are dealing with, and gain a grasp of exactly how to empower and improve your life.

Asttarte has been doing this work since 1996. She's written many blogs, and has been well known in the community for many years. She's helped many people from all walks of life dealing with many different conditions and situations. She works with beginners and advanced practitioners. She will teach you to start a spiritual path, or advanced to a greater place of awareness and evolution.

You may also be treated with Sacred Spiritual Therapy, Intuitive, Energy and Emotional Healing. Holistic Healing, Private Yoga, Life & Relationship Coaching, Meditation, Shiatsu Massage.

Enjoy Asttarte! This work is her passion!

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