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Like our fan base of discerning investors and luxury good lovers, we're passionate about Serious Investment and Markets, including ways to Protect Wealth.

We have a growing fan base of 70,900 & are known influencers in the Business News & Financial Strategy space.

Our audience is hungry for great content & we're excited to work with amazing brands who make a difference and who ignite the same level of passion that we do.

Our fans are interested in the most up to date Market news and High level Real Estate, they like Technology, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and of course Business and Finance.

We receive over 11K profile visits each month.


We're proud to be part of the Digital Exposure Network. They have access to millions of followers through collaborative relationships, and also own 30+ brands with a total of 1.4 million fans (around 40 million views a month)! That translates to us giving you a big reach when promoting you to our social media audiences!


66% Male // 34% Female


55% aged 18-34 // 32% aged 35-54


Sports 78%, Drama 67%, Variety 53%, Reality 47%, Comedy 44%, Sci-fi 42%, Talk 40%, Music 36%, Movies 33%


23% up to $50K // 27% up to $250K

21% up to $500K // 7% $1M+


18% $75K-$99K // 26% $150K-200K // 13% $200K+

We're passionate about promoting brands that add value to our fans. You're passionate about getting the word out about YOUR brand...


We're open to collaborating and becoming YOUR brand ambassador. We have excellent partnership packages for brands as well as small businesses. If you're keen to stop paying for advertising that doesn't yield satisfactory results, we should work together!

Here's a few things that we do really well:

>> LEAD GENERATION: Introduce you to potential customers talking about what you sell with a genuine endorsement to kick off conversations.

>> EXPOSURE: Help you promote your services through tweets to our fans. We know what they'll respond to and will help you get your message right.

>> KNOWLEDGE: You're missing the tricky little things on Twitter that help spark conversations that result in securing sales. We'll teach you those things so that you can be more successful.


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