Abd Al-Mageed Suckar

An Information Technology Engineer (Artificial Intelligence Department) with more than 5 years of Experience of Application Development (Mobile, Web and Desktop apps). I am self motivated and fast worker, I like what I am doing that's why I don't know the meaning of impossible - Sky is m limit.I am proud of my work history with large companies (or startups) like TeachArabia, iTECH - Syriatel - and DerManDar (DMD).I've got a huge experience during these years in major domains these days some of which are: Mobile Development, Web&Desktop; Development, Games&3D Development (using OpenGLES 2.0), Code Optimization and many other domains.In addition to my Academic experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) including: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotics, Knowledge Bases and Neural Networks.