halsey enthusiast

sup i go by ramona (mona for short) and im a gay european mean girl.

my sun sign is scorpio, my moon sign is aries, my rising sign is leo annnd my venus is sagittarius

im an entp (mbti), gryffindor (hogwarts house), and the performer (the archetypes)

im not neurotypical but im not stating anything abt my mental health here (just know that im a cluster b kinda gal)

im a cisgender female and lesbian af and im dating the cutest girl in the world (@ludenberg on IG). weve been together for a lil bit more than a year now and i dont tag PDA bc were adorable...whyd you wanna miss out on that

dont follow me if:

you believe reverse oppression exists. thats embarrassing leave

you wont interact with me/comment on my selfies/like my posts when you see them. literally just give me attention Thnx

you wont tag me as my ids (asuka langley soryu is literally Me and has been me 4ever + im questioning madison montgomery from ahs)

you have a problem with any member of my squad (@ludenberg, @squiglykin, @monokumas, @empoleon6, @jolynecujo)

youre uncomfortable with frequent complaints abt myself i have a screwed up self-image so

just some more shit abt me! i love halsey and drake and mother mother theyre all my favs. i also dont really like anime that much im more abt tv shows and movies (i have great taste in movies ok). i like photography and im into acting/singing. im also well dressed like all the time and i have a nice aesthetic. i travel a Lot

ok thats it! literally follow me my shitposts are great. also follow my theme acc/main (@caulfieldmax).