16 + ♉ + ♂

i Absolutely NEED you to be active and like my posts. you also should comment when needed. dont bother following if you won't be active.

I fully believe in reincarnation, and I practice wicca. dont follow if you intend to make fun of these beliefs, or are only interested in wicca for "aesthetic" purposes.

DM to follow if you're over 19 or under 13.

I ID with these characters:

asuka shikinami, yang xiao long, touka kirishima, kuriyama mirai, kano shuuya

questioning: yuichiro hyakuya

i fully see myself as these characters and will decline you if you think youre me. you probably shouldn't follow if you wont tag me as my kins or you have friends that think they're me. i also see my friends as their ids so if you kin with them, I will let you know and have to decline your rq.

DM me "🌌🌌" to follow, so I know you've read all of this. if you can't DM, rq me and when I accept you, comment on a post letting me know you read this.