Ambassador Asuquo Asuquo

Ambassador Asuquo is the Founder and Manager of Racial Equality, an organization that spearheads the fight for racial equality globally. He uses his skills and experience to develop and manage discussions and empowering workshops around equality and diversity, team building, sustainable leadership and culture change. With great reputation in social policy, he was an active participant in the discussions around Race and Community at the House of Commons with David Lammy MP. This contributes to raising awareness and influencing change in the ills of racism and possibly eliminating such in UK, EU and globally. Ambr Asuquo currently works in Barking & Dagenham Council Hate Crime Support Service at Harmony House. As an advisor to hate crime victims, he supports them in challenging this issue and putting a stop to victimizing incidents & crime. With the hands-on approach of Hate Crime Case Conference (HCCC), a panel of various government agencies in tackling hate crime which he is a member, he is able to resolve serious crime issues in the benefit of his clients. Ambassador Asuquo is a good visionary on social problems & solutions. He has been instrumental to Influencing Housing Social Policy in Barking and Dagenham Borough that will cater for the needs of everyone including that of the Black and Minority Ethnic Communities (BME) in UK. In recent times, Ambassador Asuquo has been active in various debates around Equality and Diversity both at the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The latest ones were organised by Trust for London and Andrew Stunell MP (Minister for Community Cohesion) on the topic: "Are You Saying I'm a Racist?" and National Black Women Network on "The Changing Face of Diversity". These debates shape the face of UK national policies on Equality and Diversity. Ambassador Asuquo Asuquo is equally a humanitarian, a diplomat with great passion for the less privileged. He is a cutting edge thinker with a powerful success record in planning, managing and executing some of the highly successful private, public and NGOs initiatives in Africa. As a trustee at Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICODI), Uganda, he has contributed positively to the several developmental projects in the community. He is also a Global Ambassador UK with the Nations Builders International in Cameroon involved in planning, managing and executing the 100 Years Global Leadership Conference On The 21st Century. One is holding in Lagos Nigeria in 201