faith charlotte. december 29, 1995. female. malaysian. a lot of people say i don't look like one that's because i'm mixed & unless you're a malaysian you wouldn't have any idea so don't ask if you're gonna reply "wtf is dat shit?". currently still on my holidays until college starts in March/April 2013 & i am taking up law. pretty friendly unless you're not. i love cats & dogs, i have a Japanese Chin {he's my brother's & his name is Hachicko but i decided to give him another name so it's Hachicko Jack} & a Pomeranian {she's mine so i named her Abigail Lucky Lovely, call her any of that with a specific tone she will answer to you} yes, i like to name things. idk if this is long enough to fit this page so im'ma stop now.