Aswin M Guptha

Cybersecurity Researcher in Kerala, India

Aswin M Guptha is a highly accomplished Security Researcher at Traboda, leveraging over eight years of exceptional expertise in Web Application Security. With an extensive background in penetration testing activities, ranging from CMSs to hospitals, Aswin has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of securing complex infrastructures. In addition, his proficiency extends to testing diverse mobile applications.

As a core member of the esteemed team bi0s, the #1 Cybersecurity team according to CTFTime, Aswin has played an integral role in their outstanding achievements. Previously serving as the team lead, he now fulfills the role of a dedicated mentor, guiding and nurturing the talents within the team. Moreover, Aswin actively organizes and oversees various highly-regarded events, including InCTF, InCTF Junior, and Shakticon, further showcasing his commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing and community growth.

With a proven track record of delivering compelling talks and training sessions, Aswin has captivated audiences comprising students, working professionals, and government authorities. His expertise encompasses a wide range of advanced topics, solidifying his reputation as a trusted authority in the field.

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