Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Web Developer in Karachi, Pakistan

I earned my Bachelors of Software Engineering from Mehran UET Pakistan. I started my passion with Programming since 2010 and dreamed to be BEST PROGRAMMER specially known for Java. After completing my bachelors with flying colours and with my parents prayers, I got Job as "Java Programmer", worked with professional people, developed "Social Article Crawler". In start, I was unaware of this crawler word but with Qineqt's professional, I learned and developed desktop-based crawler. I was the only programmer there and was known as "JAVA girl" (which I love), after developing the crawler, I lead the team of developers and lead the development of Web-Based Crawler through Servlets. Moving on, I started development on Android and iOS app.

I got training on iOS development and then I switched my job and started working as "Associate iOS Developer" at Celeritas Digital Solutions. I started development and showed good performance. while working on Crownpeak CMS (no tutorial, no idea available on web, i discovered its methodologies myself), I got to know that I am blessed with BEST INTERPERSONAL skills and can work on any technology.

I still work on Java Applications but to be updated with new Techs is what I love...

I wrote codes in C++, C, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, J2SE, j2EE, Servlets, PHP... But Java is above all.. It will always be...

Friends award me "Best Programmer" but I think I still need some thing that can make me Twinkle as "JAVA Girl" in the IT Galaxy :)

  • Work
    • Celeritas Digital Solutions
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Software Engineering