Hasbi Asyadiq

Bandung, Indonesia

I see things slightly different, I keep my self on asking for everything I see, I feel. Why is it like that, why doesn’t it be like this instead. Everything comes with a reason. I love to analyze things and try to redefined the new way of how it’s should be, for the most efficient, smarter problem solving possible. I love every small detail that make sense, unobtrusive yet fully functionally well.

I do user experience design, not only in digital screen but also the way I see the world and how it should’ve be done for the better. It includes some subjects combination from different field, different point of view, different approachment but all of that are for the same purpose: to solve a problem in the most effective, efficient, simpler yet smarter way possible. I strive for perfection.

I’m a cyclist, I ride a road bike to office, to the places I've never been, to the road less traveled, anywhere. I love it a lot!. Cycling helps me to always have a clear mind, to focus on what really important.

I have aweful lot’s of things I love. I love UI/UX design, I love cycling, do photography, passionate about astronomy, play basketball, love everything about wood, I do travel, skateboarding, I play piano, bass, guitar, drum and harmonica, do some micro controller electronics, I like to try some new recipe in the kitchen, I find coffee interesting, I love to read. I try almost everything I find interesting. All of that help me to see & feel things with some different ‘eyes’, to make good things even better.

  • Work
    • Ursa Madjor, PT. ELsicom Engineering