adhd symptoms

New Delhi, India.

In spite of a lot of relevant research and study experts are still unsure as to cause of bipolar in children. Are or even what they might be for bipolar in adults. What has to be deduced is that it tends to run in families so that a child bore into a family where close family member has the disorder, they are at a greater risk of having it a well. Very often parents question if they may be are to blame for the fact that their child has bipolar disorder but there is really nothing to support the idea that a parent is able to do something that can either cause the disorder or prevent it from occurring. Is ADHD a disability or is it something else? Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD) is actually classified as development disorder that is usually accomplished by other issue including hyperactivity. More often than not the co-existing problems do not occur as frequently on their own the majority of the time symptoms of the disorder manifest before the child has attained the age group of six seven years.