Corinne Card

Corinne Card

I am Corinne! This is more Jesus' story than it is my story, so to him be the glory, and here goes!

I grew up in a Christian home, raised by wonderful parents. God created me to be a stubborn child with a rebellious and adventurous nature. My parents new from the start that I was a strong-willed child, but when I went away to college, I was not prepared for the responsibility of myself. I didn't nurture my faith in Jesus, and I didn't pursue any faith-based community. I used my first year of college to explore my freedom and test the boundaries. It didn't work out for me. That was the loneliest and hardest year of my life.

That next summer, God removed me from my comfort zone and place me in Mexico to work at a mission. I was there for two months working with American mission teams and doing hard manual labor. I was surrounded by God, his faithful followers, and a people-group who had it so much worse than I did. My faith was changed.

Coming back to college, I got involved in a campus ministry called Chi Alpha. We hit it off. I met some wonderful people who pursued me and mentored me in the Gospel and discipleship. I was provided so many new learning opportunities and my faith grew in leaps and bounds! I was tested and pushed and pulled and brought down and lifted up again, but I made it through and I am so in love with Jesus now! I have also made some life long friends and have a passion for women's ministry.

Because of the wonderful opportunities that Chi Alpha presented me with, I was able to participate in a Campus-Missionary-in-Training program. I learned all about what it's like to be a pastor to college students on a college campus. I had so much fun learning alongside my fellow staff with Chi Alpha. They had so much wisdom and so much heart to prepare me for and send me out into campus missions.

And they did! I am now a full-time campus pastor at the University of Idaho. I work with another young couple, and I focus mostly on women's ministry. My joy in life is watching these girls (and guys) have their "get it" moments. When the Holy Spirit makes everything click together and they "get it" (whatever that may be!). It's my job to guide them to the right pieces of the puzzle, pray (a lot!) and let the Holy Spirit put them together.

I also enjoy reading, my bunny, cooking (mostly eating), laughing, playing guitar and singing, pie, and a good cup of coffee with friends.