Asyraf Yusri

Student, Small Business Owner, and Teacher in Kampar, Malaysia

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Hi, I’m Asyraf. I’m a student living in Kampar, Malaysia. I am a fan of music, entrepreneurship, and programming. I’m also interested in food and gaming. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.

For appreciation, I think people tend to like me because of my character and I am easy to make friend with others. I am not a talkative person actually but I can easily associate with people.

What is the important thing to me ? Of course it is about my future life and my family. So, what will I do to achieve my goals ? It's just enough when I can make my parents proud of me and happy to see my happiness in my life.

What I need is moral supports from my family and friends. Do advice me when I am wrong and don' afraid to make me as your friend :)