Anthony Szlosek

I am a 55 year old single man looking for a change in my life --- a friend, a lover or simply a pen pal from anywhere in the world. Politics, national and international, is my passion --- writing is my vocation. Selling a book ( and everybody and his brother and sister is writing a book these days) or a screenplay, at this stage in my life would be the greatest of highs. So if you have any offers or inquiries, send them in ( e-mail me). As someone famous once said, " I hate writing, but love having written." Such is the case with me.

I live in Enfield, Connecticut, but would much rather live in the West. Went to school at U C Berkeley years and years ago. Life can be wonderful, or it can descend into a veritable horror show. Am still looking to find some wonder or mystery in this world. All has become too mundane. All too standardized and repetitious. Am seeking a measure of nirvana in this existence --- on this planet.