András Szoboszlay

Art Director, illustrator, and visualisation in Budapest, Hungary

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graphics, webdesign, animation, illustration, 3D visualization, storyboard, interior visualization, photo

I am a freelancer graphic artist with a wilde range of professional practice. I have several years of background and steady knowlegde in the field of printed advertising, webdesign, flash, animation,

3D and filming, as well as hand-drawing, storyboard and interior visualization.


I worked as an animator in Pannónia Film Studio, Budapest from 1991-1992, where I had a chance to experience and try out to create traditional hand-drawing and animated cartoons, to understand the whole process from the beginning to the final version, and at the same time strengthening my drawing skills.

From 1996 on I worked for several advertising agencies as graphic and art director (Happy End Advertising Agency, 1996-1998; Hammer Advertising Agency, 1998-2011; POP-LART BTL Advertising Agency, 2012-2013; Grey / Geometry Global Advertising Agency, 2013-2014), where I had storyboard, illustration and graphic works, also design, webdesign, animated commercials, 3D visualzation, interior visualization, wrapping, store-decoration, POS development.

I started my carrier as a freelancer in 2010, establishing GEC:CO DESIGNSTUDIO”, developing my enterprise to webdesign and 3D visualization


In 2012 I changed my approach and I devote most of my time to my artistic development and unfolding, putting emphasis of artisan creatives, hand-drawings. I love challenges in my work. I always worked as a team-memeber, but I had a lot of opportunities to prove my skills and talent leading the whole process individually. I am also a photographer.


Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver Cinema 4d, Final Cut, Motion, Premier, After Effects, Moho, Painter


Gelarto Rosa confectionery, MassolitBudapest Book and Coffee, Allianz, MOL, Chello Hungary, Sport TV Hungary, Costa Coffee, OTP Bank, Magyar Turizmus Zrt. (Hungarian Turism Plc), Pickwick, Tesco, Mediwell, Princess Bakery, Danone, Procter and Gamble, Malév (Hungarian Airlines), Provident, General Motors, Pepsi, Akadémiai Publishing House, Semmelweis Museum of History of Medicine, Musée de la Médecina (Brussels