Ata Jber

Amman, Jordan

My name is Ata, I'm twenty one years old, I live in Amman, Jordan.

I'm an Agricultural engineer.

I don't care about numbers and names, I just care about the personality of persons what ever were there names, ages or gender.

I don't give any second chances, not because i'm selfish but because second chances not always better than the first ones and no one wants any bad things happen to him two times in his life and that what I try to make it not happen with me.

I love music especially.
My father inspiring me in my real life,and my Professors and Doctors in college inspiring me to take right decisions in my educational life.

I was never been alone because God is always with me and I thank him for every thing in my life what ever it was good or bad thing.

Thank you.

  • Work
    • Agricultural engineer.
  • Education
    • Plant production and protection