Musician, Dancer, and percussionist in Espluguas de Llobregat, España

Atabalats is a percussion group that was born in 2002 in Esplugues de Llobregat. Now is composed of 22 members who play all kinds of rhythms, from Brazilian rhythm to electronic music.

We are music, percussion, dance and show! We are movement and animation! Our goal is make you jump, shout, sing, dance and smile! And not just with the music that we played but also with our dance! Atabalats has played around of Catalonia in festivals, private parties, weddings, carnival and any events that require a dose of rhythm and fun. We don’t care the moment or the place to have fun the public, as much as we do on stage. If you want to follow our present activity, you can do it through our social networks. We assure you that you’ll be surprised with the things we can do!

Live Atabalats experience!