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About us

Except the fact that gunsmith business was a profession of ancestors and a regional business of Zafer YİĞİT born in Beyşehir and Hüseyin ALKAN born in Düzce, both gentlemen have been engaged in acting as technical men and executives for various companies in Istanbul since 1991. Getting support of their close friends and businessmen and then conditions provided them an adequate chance to establish a gun making business in 2006 in Istanbul which they named as ATAK SİLAH SANAYİ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ.

The business is still maintaining its initial structure and seated at the same address to carry on its activities in the field of making blank and air guns.


Utilizing the available technology and fields of science in the most efficient way and combining the skills of our country’s people with the latest technologies with making concession of the sub-industrial, personnel, client satisfaction and environmental awareness, the firm manufactures industrial products to contribute in the country’s economy and produce more than we consume.

Working Style

The firm is established to manufacture quality and specific products after making the due research and development and has shown ultimate care to these criteria within the period that had elapsed.

With its professional staff each of whom is specialized in his area, the firm has enriched the concept of guns in the mankind’s understanding with the modern and specific designs and creating the difference that was felt in the designs, it is moving forward in the business with confident steps with the new products and brands. Eighty percent of the firm’s products are allocated for exportation and at some terms this figures goes up to form 100% of the products. The firm manufactures its own brands and it further builds products for other companies with their brands. The sub-industry has a great share in the company’s products since it purchases raw materials, semi-manufactured products, final products and services from about 100 corporations. Eventually, the ATAK SİLAH undertakes all the responsibility of completing the product from the aspects designing, manufacturing and servicing (excluding using).

Quality Policy

Our firm adopts the quality policy which makes it believe that quality is a human right and prefers not to manufacture to manufacturing poor quality products and it therefore applies this policy to

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