Atalef Foundation

The Atalef Foundation is the official Israeli Navy SEALs (Shayetet-13) Association. Our mission is to facilitate the transition of Israel’s Navy Seals from military to civilian excellence. An Israeli Navy SEAL must endure some of the most rigorous and dangerous training and missions that Israel faces every day. The SEALs are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the State of Israel and the Atalef is dedicated to supporting every soldier during their demanding military service, reserve duty, as well as helping them re-enter civilian life.

We believe that the unique set of skills developed at the Unit positions every Seal to continue to the Zionist mission of building and protecting the State of Israel and fostering communal involvement in the Jewish homeland. The Atalef relies on a carefully selected and active network of supporters around the world who share its mission and optimistic vision for a strong and secure Israel and -- who are willing to contribute their knowledge, experiences and resources to the Unit and Foundations goals.

The Atalef invites you to learn more and explore whether our vision and mission aligns with yours.