Aymen Ben Tanfous

Here is my story...

All started the 18th Decembre 1992 at Tunis, Tunisia, a new era has began with the birth of a greatest man that will make changes in this world!

Yes, that's it! Just like what you thought, that man is me and "I" will make this world a better place for civilians, animals and even other creature!!

In brief, I'm a young college student at INSAT at Tunis.


- Web development: JS, jQuery, PHP, SQL,...

- Web designing

- Programming

- Embed system (one of my next project. I didn't start yet but I have the will :D )

And at the same time, I enjoy the volunteer work because I like to feel useful and do something for others ( not all people :p ) such as refugees, poor famlilies, orphans, ...