BG Guillevic

Ploerdut - Brittany - France

By training an hotelier, BG has travelled the world, Central America, The United States and much of Europe. He has worked as an art dealer, a head hunter, and personal assistant. These experiences and the people he met, supported by a forceful personality, led him to become a major-domo. He has practiced this avocation in London, Geneva, Madrid and Monaco. In addition to having charge of the administration and management of the finances of the luxurious residences the experience made him a real “leader of the orchestra” in the service of his employers.

Versatile, pragmatic, a confidant, he encompassed the roles of private secretary, adviser, maitre d’, head of protocol, housekeeper, and director of domestic affairs. In other words creator of the art of living.

Always in touch with the society and the world of economics which surrounded him, BG at 47 years of age changed course and from October 2012 has work as a personal development consultant. He was trained as a life coach, and has followed a long study of bio-energy yoga, conscious respiration and general well being.

Settled in Brittany, his home country, it is wholly natural therefore that he started Ferme de Santé and the BGGB system. Bon Guide – Guide Bien or Good Guide – Guide Well.

- Development and degree in life coaching techniques – Certified Coach
- Member of the Professional Association of Coaching Practitioners
- Trainer and facilitator of Access Bars Awareness - Certified Practitioner
- Supporting Member of the Network of Courants Porteurs
- Member of the Administrative Council of The Friends of Health (an organisation working with alcoholics & their families) Studies in Alcoholism levels I and II
- Brittany Tour Guide.

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    • Personal development consultant
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